2 Months to go

So it's only 2 months left, feels a bit weird actually! Am I happy to go home? yes of course, but I'm gonna miss some people here! I am so hungry right now, 20 min to lunch.. sooo hungry. ANYWAY! Um, yeah.. I dunno. So hungry..
Yes, alright! I'm going to miss my awesome friend Elizabeth. The chance that I would have gone home if I hadn't met her is pretty big haha.
I am really happy I decided to do this exchange year, even tho Ive had my doubts about how smart it was a couple of times lol.
So I should probably make the last time I have here count, right? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea :P And yeah I'm so hungry and tired so I'm not even sure what I'm writing right now.
I saw Hobbit 2 yesterday, whatever that one is called.. It was good I guess, but not as good as the LOTR trilogy.
WHATELSE??? Oh yeah, I have now experienced the American Prom thingy. It was actually fun, believe it or not ;) A lot of sparkly dresses, pretty much like in the movies haha,
15 MINUTES TO LUNCH!! I think I'm gonna have a hotdog... :'D
I HAVE A PROBLEM! I have to write down my FAVORITE memory from my experience here in America... WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I WRIGHT? Cuz I dunno.. There is so many things.. I think.. anyway, I will come up with something.
Wow, I'm feeling my writing is pretty hyper.. I must be really bored. LOL.
And I just realized, I'm writing in English hahah!
I might just stop writing now..