Can it get more american?

Sarah and I have been here less then 2 whole days and we have already experienced alot of things that made us look at ecahother and say "That's so american!", always with a smile. 
Yesterday Bev where taking us out for dinner to something I think could be called a "diner". She told us that she used to go there on Thuersdays with Scott to play bingo and eat.So after we had been at a real Thrift Shop(!!) and had visited her mother, that lives on a really nice Senior living (she was really nice) we went to pick up Scott (that lives on a fram). He then showed us where someone grown marijuana (FWI this is not legal in Minnesota)... 
The diner was in a neighboring town and it was pretty cozy. We orderd food (me a chicken wrap with fries) and it was pretty tasty. After we had finished they started the bingo and since I'm 18 I was able to play. It was 16 games I think and it took a long while, but it was fun! I never won, but both Scott and Bev won 2 times each. So we got back the money we had spent ^^ 
Right now Bev is at the car wash with her car, but when she gets back we are probably going to Manakto (a bigger city about 15 min from Lake Crystal). We're going to get some more school supplies and stuff like that :) 
I will probably bring my camera with me so I can take some pictures to show you! And yeah.. I don't know why I'm writing in English.. I realized when I was half through writing it all and was to lazy to start over from the beginning xD 

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